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Found in Wisconsin is a searchable index of bibliographic records to digital collections hosted by over 500 libraries, museums, historical societies, genealogical societies, schools, and various cultural organizations around Wisconsin. Search or browse the 1,200+ index for links into websites containing historic photographs, video & sound clips, written documents, maps, newspapers, cemetery indices, and much more.

Any size collection, any platform including Flickr and Facebook, ResCarta or CONTENTdm; if it's a digital collection about Wisconsin, it's included in Found in Wisconsin! Maintained by the Department of Public Instruction's Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning.

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New Resources Currently: 1,151 Resources
View Resource Wisconsin's Veterans Museum: Ongoing Exhibits

Sample the Ongoing Exhibits at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum online by choosing one of the three online galleries. These online, multimedia-based samplings of the Museum are narrated by Pulitzer Prize winning historian Stephen Ambrose and the Oscar-winning actor Gregory Peck. The three Exhibits are: -Civil War and 19th Century -Through the World Wars -Korean War through today
View Resource Veterans Museum Ongoing Exhibits: The Civil War & 19th Century

Part of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Ongoing Exhibits, The Civil War & 19th Century Exhibition are presented here. There are ten separate entries which contain both a scene from a Museum Gallery and an oral history of the Gallery's subject. Text is added to correspond to the audio clips. Exhibits may be viewed as a slideshow or individual parts, with or without audio.
View Resource The History of the War Memorial Center

Historical timeline of the Milwaukee County War Memorial. Please click on a year or let the timeline play to take you through the history. The War Memorial Center was born out of the collective vision to create a fitting memorial to honor the War Dead of World War II. Their mission remains, "To Honor the Dead by Serving the Living" through the principals of arts and peace. The building was...
View Resource Heritage Military Music Foundation, 1st Brigade Band: Pictures

More than eighty volunteers, men and women, make up the 1st Brigade Band. Widely varied in age and occupation, they come from many communities, bringing with them a common interest in their musical heritage. During a typical year, they will meet their audience more than forty times, in concerts, parades, military balls, and worship services, presenting their educational and entertaining programs....
View Resource Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust

About 140,000 Holocaust survivors came to the U.S. More than 1,000 eventually settled in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Historical Society archivists interviewed 22 Holocaust survivors and two American witnesses between 1974 and 1981. These oral histories are now available digitally and in their entirety for the first time, uncensored and unfiltered. Also included are photographs, dating from 1911...

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